International Forum on “Enhancing a Sustainable Nuclear Supply Chain”

16th edition IAEA-FORATOM joint event on Management Systems

9-11 June 2021 – Helsinki




To exchange experiences, practical examples, new insights and case studies, related to supply chain and management systems within the nuclear industry. These include the integration of modern supply chain management practices, management system within an organisation, quality management, leadership and organizational culture, the implementation of risk based and informed approaches, safety, export control/safeguards and security aspects with standards relevant to all these areas.

Expected Forum audience (but not limited to)

  • Senior managers and engineering specialists in charge of developing, implementing and improving supply chain practices and/or management systems
  • Representatives from international and non-governmental organizations involved in the domain of supply chain management
  • Representatives from utilities / licensees, equipment manufacturers, sub-suppliers, service providers
  • Quality management and quality assurance leaders and specialists
  • Regulatory body personnel responsible for oversight or inspection of supplier quality, qualification and management systems
  • Representatives of engineering, procurement and construction contractors
  • Representatives from nations conducting plant lifetime extension projects as well as countries constructing or planning to build a nuclear facility
  • Supply chain management leaders and specialists from other high reliability industries, or other regulated industries


This Forum is the sixteenth in a series of events that the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and the European Atomic Forum (FORATOM) have organized to raise awareness and increase understanding of management systems as integrating all the vital objectives of nuclear facilities and activities. This year’s Forum has a special focus on the management of the supply chain.  The Forum also involves promoting the application of IAEA safety principles and standards, other IAEA guidance and informing participants about other international rules, regulations and standards and related literature.

In 2021 we take the Forum to Helsinki, Finland where we will be partnering with Finnish Energy!

The nuclear industry is undergoing a period of significant change, with long-term operation (LTO) programmes underway and new build projects either in progress or planned in many countries. Some countries are embarking on a nuclear power program for the first time, while others are expanding their fleet. In some parts of the world nuclear power programs are struggling, downsizing or even being phased out, resulting in significant implications on the supply chain strategy and management. The main reasons behind these changes are political, economic and environmental. In this context, it is important to consider the cross-cutting areas between supply chain management and management systems. Many LTO programmes will require different degrees of modernisation, refurbishment and equipment replacement. The success of new nuclear plant construction (planned or underway) is fundamentally reliant on a healthy supply chain and established measures for its management.

The nuclear industry is also seeing many people and companies with specialist knowledge of e.g. design, fundamental safety principles or operation and maintenance, retiring from the workforce or leaving the nuclear industry. This gives rise to challenges and opportunities for a new generation of professionals and companies replacing them. Supply chain management is perhaps more important now than ever before and is facing challenges such as counterfeit, fraudulent and suspect items (CFSI) or undeclared digital content in an increasingly globalized marketplace which require management systems to adapt.

These drivers bring new challenges in terms of leadership, organizational culture, supply chain management, and management systems in the nuclear industry. Effective leadership, well-developed organizational culture and well-thought-out management are vital, and there are both opportunities and threats involved. International guidance and standards are being developed to support organizations in managing an evolving supply chain and at the same time maintaining a high quality in supply and safe & sustainable operations.

This event is intended to give participants an opportunity to discuss these topics, to learn from one another, to influence international progress in this area, and to better understand their own situation and areas for improvement within their organizations.

Previous events have attracted participants from around 40 countries with strong representation from Europe, Asia and the Americas.

Why is the forum such a valuable opportunity?

The program will explore the issue of quality, leadership and management including the latest innovation.  Parallel workshops dedicated to key challenges and within nuclear utilities /licensees, other high-reliability industry, regulators, and the supply chain are also planned. Special topic areas include commercial grade dedication and the use of high-quality industrial grade items, current difficulties faced in supply chain management and avenues to find solutions, code and standards implementation and interpretation, safety & security culture, export control ,governance, oversight, supplier qualification, procurement and project management.

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