International Conference on Quality Leadership and Management in the Nuclear Industry
15th FORATOM-IAEA Management Systems Workshop
16-19 July 2018 - Ottawa Canada

Irina Florenta Marin, Ph.D

Senior Superintendent of IMS Developping and Monitoring Department – Nuclearelectrica

  • 1988 – Graduated Physics University – physics eng., Bucharest, Romania
  • 2003 – Graduated Doctoral School – PhD in science (physics) – Bucharest Science Academy

Romania, “Nuclearelectrica” National Company – Cernavoda NPP subsidiary:

  • 1988-2007 – Chemical Technical – Special projects Engineer
  • 2007-2010- Management System Dept.- NPP Specialist Eng. –Env. Group Manager
  • 2010-2015 – IMS Dept. – NPP Expert I: Responsible for environmental management process; Responsible for external interfaces management process
  • 2015-2018 – Superintendent of Management System Documentation and Monitoring Compartment- Deputy of Dept. Manager
  • 2018-present – Senior Superintendent of Management System Developing and Monitoring Department; main responsibilities: Management System, Nuclear Oversight, Internal Auditing and Supplier Evaluation, since 2015 with responsibility for Integrated Management System Implementation, Change Management, IMS processes management, Management and leadership, External interfaces including authorizations/licenses control

ROMATOM – “Nuclearelectrica” National Company representant within FORATOM MSTF